Booty Camp

For the past month, I have been attending Booty Camp twice a week. I have been so please with the workout and the results that I tought I would share it with you.

I signed up with two really close friends. Of course, both girls, seeing as Booty Camp is a workout program designed only for women.

I could tell the program was going to be worth it after the first day. Even though I run, bike and swim, I was sore after the Booty Camp routine. The routine is designed to give you a full body work out. We did everything from push ups, to sit ups, to lunges, to tricep dips, etc. The workout is also non-stop. It seemed I only got a break if I finished the set first, which didn’t happen often.

Our instructor, Julie, was amazing. As soon as she put her music on and started to workout her face lit up. She encouraged us to push ourselves and praised us when we did. I couldn’t of asked for a better instructor.

All workouts were on Parliament Hill. So the view was beautiful, looking up at the Peace Tower with every sit up. The only annoying part was we easily became a tourist attraction and had tourist taking pictures and videos of us.

At the beginning of the first class we did a fitness test to see how many push ups, sit ups and tricep dips we could do in 30 seconds. Here were my results:

Push ups: 5
Sit ups: 15
Tricep dips: 18 

We did the same fitness test during out last class. Here were my results after a month of training with Booty Camp:

Push ups: 15
Sit ups: 18
Tricep dips: 25 

What an improvement!!

It was a bitter sweet moment when we finished our classes at the end of July. A month with the same girls, encouragin each other to push ourselves and sweating until we couldn’t take it anymore.

If it weren’t for the price, I would do this every month. But at just under $200 for the month, it is a little too expensive for a workout.

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