MediaStyle knows how to throw a party

As an IABC member, I was lucky to have been invited to the “Exclusive members-only event: MediaStyle loves IABC chocolate and wine tasting”.

Not only was the chocolate and wine delicious and to die for, but the company was as decodent as the homemade cupcakes. There is just something special about IABC members. As a student, there is not one IABC member who refuses to sit down with me and give me advice on how to advance successfully in my career endeavors.

Tonight I was graced with the presences of such excellent IABC members as Gord McIntosh, past president of IABC Ottawa, Barb MacDonald, who has worked a lot with the IABC accreditation process, and Kerry Mortimer, an IABC Ottawa board member, VP Marketing. If you are not following these people you should.

But of course this night would not have been possible if it weren’t for the folks at MediaStyle. I especially want to thank Ian Capstick for his hospitality and delicious cupcakes. Everything from the atmosphere, to the wine and chocolate pairing videos blew me away.

Tonight reminded me I am truly proud to be an IABC member (and of course, volunteer).

Are you an IABC member? What is your favourite part about being and IABC member? If you are not a member, why not?

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