Eat Pray Love review

I finally finished the infamous book Eat Pray Love. The book is nicely divided into three sections. The first section is the author’s adventure in Italy while she eats lots of delicious Italian cuisine. The second section is spend in an Ashram where she prays her little heart out. The last section is, you guested it, the story of the author falling in love.

I had mixed feelings about this novel the entire time I read it. At some times I was bored, other times I was drawn in and couldn’t put down the book.

To truly enjoy this book you must connect with the author on some level. To connect with the author, you need to share common feelings and experiences. I, for one, have never been married, divorced, traveled to Europe or meditated (at the time I read the book I had never meditated, I have experienced it since then). Therefore, I never connected with the author and couldn’t quite relate, which made it difficult to get drawn in at some points in the story.

However, I do have to applaud the author for being so true to herself and the reader. At no point does the author embellish the story. When she is miserable, you can feel it. When she is whining, trust me, you can heard it. Even when she is horny, you know it.

Although this books doesn’t make my top 20 favourite books list, I still recommend it for a fun and relaxing read. It is easy to read and the story line is simple and straight forward.

If you have read the book, please leave a comment telling me how you enjoyed it.

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  1. I was able to associate with this book on SO many levels…this was one that I could hardly put down…PLUS, I read it a second time last year. I finally saw the movie, but ummmm fell asleep both times I watched it, so I cannot say if I enjoyed it.

  2. I read the book and saw the movie. I found it a pretty light read. I didn’t really enjoy her character I thought she was shallow and vain very ego centred. I did enjoy the texan she met at the ashram the man who christened her “groceries” he on the other hand represented to me a man of experience and sensitivity, very honest. Him I liked. The movie was a 6/10, enjoyed the scenery and I thought the man in bali was very cute!

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