Age does not equal success: I still have a chance to become a billionaire

This week on Inside PR Joe makes a comment that gives me hope for a bright and successful immediate future: “you are never too young to stand out.”

I agree with Joe one hundred percent. And to prove to the world that age has nothing to do with success; I have compiled a list of people under 25 who have accomplished remarkable things.

  • Mark Zuckerberg was 20 years old when he launched Facebook.
  • Ben Casnocha is 18 years old and is the CEO of Comcate, a software company.
  • One of the creators of Mozilla Firefox is 25 years old, Blake Ross.
  • Catherine Cook is one of the founders of, a social networking site that brings in sales in the seven figures. She was only 15 when she started

Of course, none of these successful entrepreneurs became millionaires overnight. Hard work, curiosity, with a dash of perseverance, turned these kids into great businessmen and women.

This week’s episode is great for anyone starting out in the field of public relations or looking to further their career in public relations. Joe, Gini and Martin compile a list of things a PR newbie should do to be successful in their search for a career. And surprise, surprise, the list included: curiosity and always handing in extraordinary work (i.e. good enough is never good enough).

So I hope that at 23, I still have a chance of making it on Fortune’s 40 under 40 list or Inc.’s 30 under 30 list.

You can catch the full episode of Inside PR at their blog or on iTunes.

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