Podcasts you should listen to this week

Being a good intern

Inside PR this week talks about the good, the bad and the ugly of interns. Well, there is not much “ugly”, but lots of great tips for any student heading in to a summer internship, or for any student trying to take their internship and turn it in to a job.

You can catch Joseph Thornley, Martin Waxman and Gini Dietrich on the Inside PR blog and podcast.

Is capacity programmed within us?

On Attention Surplus this week, Sean and Eric bring us in to the world of philosophy and ask the question: Do we all have the capacity to be passionate, creative, and curious? Is capacity programmed within us or is it an ability that we can learn? I believe we all the capacity, it is our character that defines the extent of how far that capacity can be stretched that determines how passionate, creative and curious we can be.

You can catch Sean Howard and Eric Portelance on the Attention Surplus blog and podcast.

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