Can’t argue with happiness – a PR lesson

Calvin and Hobbs discuss happiness in this short comic strip

My mom sent me this cute little comic strip and it got me thinking. It IS hard to argue with someone who is so happpy.

This is a very important lesson PR and communication professionals should remember. As communicators, happiness is our best weapon.

In a crisis, the worst thing a business can due is panic. Panic causes smart people to make bad decisions. Sometimes shit happens. What defines true character is how we overcome the humps and bumps of running a business. So when crisis hits, smile and enjoy the ride. Your public will respect you more.

When we pitch a story to a journalist, if we are happy and excited about what we are pitching, a journalist is more likely going to cover it. Give a journalist a reason to cover your story by letting them know how much the story makes you happy, or how exciting it is for the community.

And finally, positive messaging always trumps negative messaging. When planning campaigns, be strategic with your theme. Posting negative and fear mongering messages may not get you the result you expect. In today’s digital world we are inundated with thousands of messages, and generally speaking, we like to be happy, so why would spend even a second on a negative message. Always use positive messaging, for example, don’t bash your competitors and talk about how awful they are, give your public a reason to come to you, talk about how happy they would be with you.

What do you think about the happy and positive messaging? Is there ever a time to use negative messaging? share your thoughts by commenting on this blog.

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  1. Thanks for writing about’s all about how you look at life really, glass half full or half empty.

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