PR Word of the Week #9: Intranet

Many companies have created their own intranets to allow their employees to share sensitive information within the confounds of their company’s virtual walls. However, when was the last time you logged on to your company’s intranet. An intranet can be a very useful internal communications tool, but like all communications tool, it needs to be used properly and efficiently.



A private network inside a company or organization that uses the same kinds of software that you would find on the public Internet, but that is only for internal use.


At Thornley Fallis & 76design we have a Wiki filled with internal administration information, such as proper file naming convention, details on our benefits plan, guides on using our phones, telephone directories and more. The Wiki is used to post information, files, images and anything that we, employees, think will contribute to professional development, practice development and best practices by the Thornley Fallis & 76design consulting team.

According to PR Daily, only 43 per cent of employees log in to their company’s intranet daily. The problem is, intranets tend to be put on the back burner when times get busy. According to the PR Daily study, the reason employees don’t log on is they find the content static and frequently outdated.

How can we improve the intranet

I LOVE inforgraphics. So what better way to explain the problems with intranets and how to improve them, than with images.

Remember, the big problem is content, make sure your intranet’s content is always up to date, organized and valuable to your employees.

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