My social media resolution

It is that time of year again. Now that we are all back to school and back to work, we contemplate resolutions and milestones for the upcoming year.

I have been making resolutions since I was a little kid. I have done them all: go on a diet, lose 10 pounds, exercise every day, learn a new instrument, learn a new dance, stop eating chocolate (that of course ended with an epic fail), and the list goes on.

This year, I have decided to focus my energy on a resolution that is attainable and incorporates my love for one of my hobbies, podcasting. My New Year’s resolution for 2012 is to start my very own podcast.

As you may know already, I have been producing the Inside PR podcast for just under a year now. Every week, I get to listen to the wonderful voices of Martin Waxman, Gini Dietrich and Joseph Thornley as I mix their discussion in to one great sounding show. Inside PR has been the highlight of my week since I have started as producer.

Currently, I am part of the background and behind the scenes of podcasting. I now want to broaden my horizon and experience the front end of podcasting, but hosting my very own podcast.

As a young PR professional myself, there is no surprise that I will be hosting a podcast for the young and young at heart PR pros looking for tips and advice on how to advance their careers. I hope to interview the wisest of the wise PR experts and get their tips for young PR pros looking to advance their careers.

However, before I embark on this new podcasting journey, I need a friend, I need someone who is passionate about podcasting who wants to join me on this journey as a co-host.

So, have you decided on a you New Year’s resolution? Are you passionate about podcasting? Are you a young PR professional? Maybe being a co-host is the resolution or the new hobby you have been looking for. If so, please leave me a comment on why you want to be a co-host of a podcast.

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  1. Hi Kristine! Hopefully you remember me from the IABC Holiday Social. I’d definitely be up for helping you out with the hosting of the podcast, or in any other way possible. We should get in touch – my work coordinates are Happy New Year!

  2. Though I don’t think I would qualify has a young PR pro just yet, I would love to absorb the many tips and discussions that will hopefully be featured on your podcast. And in the future, I would love to get the chance to speak directly on/in correspondence with the podcast, as a member of the PR student body. I look forward to listening, good luck!

  3. Hi David,

    That is great. I would love to chat with you once the podcast is up and running. The podcast will include sessions with students as well as PR experts.
    Where do you study?

    Thanks for following my blog!

  4. That sounds great, I look forward to the future. I’m in my first year of Algonquin College PR program. I didn’t have a chance to introduce myself properly, but we met briefly at the Thornley and Fallis information session hosted for PR students. The Inside PR podcast was also kind enough to answer one of my questions on the ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’ episode. It proved very helpful!

  5. Yes, I remember you now! Well I am glad Inside PR was helpful. That is my goal for when I start my podcast. I want to give back and help students, because I remember how overwhelming it was at the beginning.

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