Young PR Pros: Episode #34 – Caroline Kealey and the state of PR

Caroline Kealey This week, Kristine Simpson and Julia Kent are pleased to feature an interview with Caroline Kealey.

Caroline is the founder of Results Map, a communications consultant, trainer and author with a passion for designing strategic communications plans that work.

Kristine met up with Caroline to ask her about the state of PR and communications and how we can convert mindsets to view communications practitioners as experts and not overhead. Caroline shares lessons from the workshop she ran at the IABC Canada Business Summit at the beginning of November. She centres her thinking around creating a process for communications where we ask a series of questions before we begin working. This sets us up for success by gaining all the insight and showing we know what we are doing. Rather than, jumping when clients say jump, which can set us up for failure.

You can view the entire interview here:

We end the episode with answering a question from Matt, a Young PR Pro listener, posted on our Facebook Page. Matt asks about juggling school, work and trying to gain enough hands on experience to get his dream job after graduation. Kristine and Julia do their best at offering up some advice to Matt.

Thanks Matt for asking a question. We always love hearing from our listeners, so ask your question today. If you have already asked a question, tune in to our following episodes, who knows, maybe we will answer your question next week.

A huge thank you to Caroline for spending the time with Kristine, despite the fire alarm that broke the interview in to two parts.

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