The five reasons you should become an IABC member

As you may have hear already, I am an IABC Ottawa member. A proud member and dedicated volunteer.

Recently, IABC Ottawa published this video about the benefits of being a member.

Here are five reasons why communicators, marketers and PR professionals in Ottawa should become members:

  1. IABC is the place to meet people: be it clients, potential employers or just other professionals in the industry. With at least one networking or professional development event a month during the on-season, there are no lack of opportunities to meet new people.
  2. Find the services you need: IABC is a great place to start your search for communications-related services, like translators, writers, communications agencies, etc.
  3. Communications materials: when you become a member you get access to a huge database of templates, case studies and other resources.
  4. Volunteering opportunities: if you are looking to build on your skills to move to the next level in your career, IABC is always looking for enthusiastic professionals that are eager to learn and try new things.
  5. Be part of the community: IABC is a community. I know from my experience that I have not only build a solid network of professionals, but have made some close friends.

To join IABC go to their website.

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