Young PR Pros: Episode #95 – Tips for Working at Home

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In 2013, Forbes reported that one in five Americans work from home. That is almost 30 million people who work and live in the same area. For some working at home is a dream come true – you can make your own hours, no pressure of adhering to office politics and you can wear whatever you want. For others, working from home can be a complete disaster, no structure can cause stress and lack of productivity.

Regardless of where you fall, it is important to keep in mind the possibility of working from home as you hunt for a job. More and more public relations and communications agencies are going office-less, take Arment Dietrich as a good example. And with an uncertain job market, a lot of young professionals are starting out their careers as consultants working for themselves.

This week, Kristine D’Arbelles and Julia Kent discuss a few good tips for working at home. We get our inspiration from Cupcakes and Cashmere. Blogger Emily Schuman shares her experiences and top 10 tips for working from home.

They are:

  1. Get dressed every day.
  2. Create a designated work area.
  3. Set hours and stick to them.
  4. Get outside.
  5. Be smart with your money.
  6. Schedule things with other people.
  7. Take advantage of your flexibility.
  8. Keep healthy snacks around.
  9. Have a to-do list.
  10. Keep things tidy.

Catch the entire episode and see which points Kristine and Julia agree with – and see which points can apply to those working in an office setting too!

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