Young PR Pros: Episode #98 – Who uses what type of social media

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As young PR and communications professionals, we are often expected to know everything about social media. That is why, this week on Young PR Pros our hosts Kristine D’Arbelles and Julia Kent talk about the most popular social networks, who uses them, and what companies might benefit from each platform.

We get our inspiration from AdWeek – Who’s Really Using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram in 2015. As a side note, because it might sound confusing in the episode, the numbers we are quoting are projected new subscribers for 2015 – not current totals. You can find a full breakdown of number of users by social platform here.

Julia mentions that there are six types of social networking sites. We briefly go through each one.

The main lesson we want listeners to take away from this episode is that it doesn’t matter if 1.5 billion or 300 million people are using a social network – doesn’t mean your company NEEDS to be there. As a young professional entering a new job, make sure you ask your executives and your bosses what their business goals are.

And remember, if you are using social networks to build your professional brand you have your own business goals.

How do you choose which networks to use?

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