Humanity: what are you doing?

I thought I would share my, for a better lack of the word, interesting morning.

First, I pulled up beside a small Hyundai at a red light. To pass the time I started to look around and people watch, just to see if I could catch something interesting. People just fascinate me. To my surprise, when I turned to my left, the older gentlemen in the small Hyundai was passing the time by… shaving!

Has our society really come to the point that we are so pressed for time we can’t even shave in the morning before we leave the house? Or was this gentlemen the type who hit snooze one too many times?

Second, I got to work with plenty of time to spare today. While I drank my coffee and read the Globe and Mail, I could hear some voices outside. The voices seemed lost and confused. I don’t blame them, they are, in fact, in Gatineau Park. So the good person in me, opened the Welcome Centre early. After helping the kind older couple and their son find Mackenzie King Estate, I could over hear a very upset man on his bike.

He was yelling at his girlfriend/wife because she was biking too fast. He threatened to run faster and swim faster then her when they trained off their bikes to teach her a lesson.

He seemed like a serious athlete, which means he should know, of all people, that exercising is personal. I came to terms during my marathon that my mother might beat me across the finish line. Yes, my ego was hurt, but for only a few seconds, because my running pace at the time was, just that, my running pace, no one else’s. When an athlete trains they will have good days, and bad days. An athlete must be humble and never compare him/herself to other people, that is just a never ending black hole with no light at the end of the tunnel.

My suggestion for this troubled man, is to become comfortable with himself as an athlete, only then can he find true love with his sport.

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  1. Ok, so your uncle shaves on the way to work too!! LOL
    and for the record, you are so right about good days and bad days..we ALL have them.
    My running pace is mine and mine one else’s.

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