Good morning rain, good morning running!

Despite the rain, I went for a run this morning.

I decided to go along the canal. I had dropped by the Running Room and figured I was in the area, why not enjoy a run by the canal.

Even though it was raining, the run was beautiful. The sun came out just at the half way point and smiled on my cold shoulders.

I felt good, I was keeping a great pace (5 min pace, thank you very much!), and the runners out this morning were all waving and smiling. It is funny, when you become a runner it is natural to wave to passing runners. When you become a serious runner, you don’t care who is beside you, you wave. You do this because it would take to much energy and thought to analyze everyone person beside you, energy and brain power you just don’t have at the time. You just start waving to bikers, runners, walkers, dogs, doesn’t matter. Have you also noticed just by the way a runner says hello you can tell if they are having a good work out. I have summarized the waves below.

Head nod- Translation: I am way to tired to lift my hand or speak.

Wave- Translation: I am doing good, but speaking may throw off my run.

Saying the word hello- Translation: I am having an amazing run, and I have so much energy. I am going to share the energy with you by saying hello!

The run was almost perfect. Yes, almost. I was 3 kilometers away from the store when I stepped in something, it was slippery and made me loose balance, I had to stop. When I looked at what it was, not only was I disgusted, but so mad, that that THING made me loose balance and threw off my good time. It was a condom… out of the wrapper!!

I have only one word to end this post: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

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