Smile little one

My uncle, his wife and their little boy visited for the holidays this year. They came all the way from B.C.

I instently fell in love with my cousin, Connor, and couldn’t resist taking out my camera and snapping a few pictures.

So enjoy. I expect to hear a lot of “awwwwwwws”.

Is anyone there
Connor quickly fell in love with my mom's old style phone. He either really wanted delivery or he was going through a break up. Not sure he can't talk yet.
Connor loves the phone
Another cute pose while Connor enjoys his phone conversation. He may not be able to talk, but he can carry somewhat of a conversation using baby sounds.
A few tears
Poor little Connor got his finger stuck in a drawer. It looks like it hurt. But Daddy came to the rescue.
The drawer
Connor is very curious. He found a drawer full of cloths. He decided to empty it.

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