The Antithesis of a Slow News Week

This week has been filled with big news. In less than four days we have witnessed three historic events. So I created a pretty timeline for your pleasure.

Mind you, all that news may be exciting, but none so exciting as the launch of Spin Sucks Pro.

Spin Sucks Pro is an easy way to further your professional development while learning from the best PR and marketing minds.

So what can you find on Spin Sucks Pro:

The five categories of professional development fall under:

  • Business life
  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Content
  • Social media

Right now you can get access to recommended resources, such as PR and marketing blogs.

Spin Sucks Pro also has a section where professionals can get together and discuss issues in the public relations, marketing, social media and business world.

While browsing the site I found a section on social media monitoring, a series about how to properly track, analyze and measure your online activities. Throughout the entire site there is no lack of useful information for PR and marketing professionals. Gini even made up some videos to help you browse through the site.

As Spin Sucks Pro grows you will eventually be able to measure and show off the work you have done on Spin Sucks Pro. For example, the leadership board, collecting badges, getting trophies and more.

Because Spin Sucks Pro is only in Beta, the registration package to have access to all the content is only $50/month.

You can check out Spin Sucks Pro at, or check out the always wonderful Spin Sucks blog, or listen to Gini’s wonderful voice on Inside PR as she explains the ins and outs of Spin Sucks Pro.

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