PR word of the week #1: Hubris

There are a few characteristics that are innately found in PR and communications professionals. One of them is writing.

There are many ways of ensuring your writing capabilities are top notch; for example, keeping a blog, reading, etc. One thing I find useful, is constantly trying to learn new words.

Writing is only as rich and expressive as the size of a writer’s word bank. Therefore, I have decided to start the PR Word of the Week! Every week, I will post a new word that I find in a blog post, news articles or anywhere on the web that relates to PR and communications.

So, without further ado, the first PR Word of the Week is:


hubris or hybris (ˈhjuːbrɪs)

    1. pride or arrogance
    2. (in Greek tragedy) an excess of ambition, pride, etc, ultimately causing the transgressor’s ruin


Example of use

This week’s word was found on Inside PR.

Joe raises the question of hubris of the super rich. He wonders, aloud, if they feel like they’re above the law and don’t have to be honest with anyone, including their agency.

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