Young PR Pros: episode #3

Kristine Simpson is joined yet again by her two fabulous guest hosts, Julia Kent in Ottawa and Molli Megasko in New York.

This week Kristine catches up with Iris Dias, a communications consultant at Reputations in Vancouver, gives her tips on using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in a search for a job in public relations.

Surprisingly, we find a conflict in how we all use Facebook to market ourselves. Kristine, Julia and Iris consider Facebook a private network and do not use it as a job searching tool. Meanwhile, Molli feels a culture shock and explains how Facebook is a very popular and open tool used by PR and communications professionals in the United States to search for jobs and employees.

The big question this week is how do you use Facebook? Is it closed and private or open and used to market your personal brand? Share your opinions. Write a comment below, send us an email at, or send us a message on Twitter @youngprpros or @kristinesimpson.

6 Replies to “Young PR Pros: episode #3”

  1. Hi Kristine!

    I just wanted to say that after this discussion, I filled out my company’s entire Facebook timeline (MHPM Project Leaders). What Molli said really resonated with me. Why ARE we so private? What do we have to hide? Great discussion – it really made me think and re-evaluate!



  2. I also made a change after our discussion. Molli you are converting the Canadians!

    I completely opened up my Facebook. It is a lot of work managing the privacy settings to ensure only certain things are scene by certain people (i.e. vacation pictures are only available to people marked friends).

    I am interested in seeing where this “Facebook transparency” will take me.

  3. Great episode!

    I recently attended an IABC webinar for students hosted by Heather Huhman and she spoke about using Facebook as a job search tool and another branding tool. Before that- I too had my Facebook on lock-down. I always kept my Facebook “clean” but now, I’ve opened it up and started using it as a job search tool. I am going to take it further and implement some of the things Molli spoke about too (liking more brands, etc).

    Like Julia, I now ask myself why I’m so private on Facebook. The only conclusion I’ve came up with is- I have nothing to hide so no need to stay overly closed up. However, Julia made great points in the first Young PR Pros episode; you have to watch your professionalism. So now that I do have a more open profile and share more, I will have to watch what I post even more.


  4. Hi Sarah, thanks for listening in.

    You make a great point. If you have nothing to hide then why hide. That was my same thinking this week. I too opened my profile.

    I am excited to see what relationships I will build now. Keep us posted and let us know how Facebook works as a job searching tool.

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