Creating Infographics on a Shoestring Budget

We all need to be mindful of our budget. And sometimes, creating cool content – like infographics – just doesn’t seem feasible for a low budget communications campaign.

piktochartI am here to dispel that myth. This week, I created an Infographic using an online Infographic maker called Piktochart in just a few hours… for free!

I was launching an online video contest on a complex and uncommon topic. I wanted to create some interactive and shareable content I could post on our social networks and our website to drive traffic to the video contest.

As a communicator, we are working with short attention spans and information overload. Most people will decide to leave your web page after two to four seconds. That is not a lot of time to grab their attention. Most people are also visual learners. In fact, 83% of learning occurs visually.

Infographics are one solution to these problems. An infographic is a visual representation of data, information, or knowledge. You can use an infographic to represent any type of data and to tell a variety of stories visually.

After reading a review on the Thornley Fallis blog, I came across The tool makes it easy to create an infographic from a template, or start from scratch and create your own.

Although a free tool will never replace the work and expertise of a hired designer, Piktochart gave me the opportunity to whip something up fairly last minute that looked decent enough to share. And trust me, I am underselling myself. I am in fact, quite proud of my Infographic.

Piktochart is a great tool for small to medium sized businesses, not-for-profits, or even bloggers who don’t have a budget to hire a designer.

The next time you decide to scrap the idea of having an infographic in your campaign due to budget restraints, think of using Piktochart or the many other infographic makers online. It will help you create fun, engaging and easy to digest content that is guaranteed to get shared.

Just see what I was able to do in a few hours:

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