Episode #113: Making career choices


The average person will make a career change approximately five to seven times during their working life. With an ever increasing number of different career choices, about 1/3 of the total workforce will now change jobs every 12 months. By the age of 42 you may have had about ten jobs, says Career Change Statistics.

With this new landscape, making career choices can be overwhelming. Young PR Pros hosts Kristine D’Arbelles, Ross Simmonds and producer Clare Bonnyman discuss tips and advice on how to best approach making a career decision.

Some of the advice you will hear in this episode includes:

  • Don’t make decisions based solely on money, says Kristine. Money is important to assess the type of lifestyle you want, but just because a job pays more doesn’t make it a better fit for you and your career goals.
  • Don’t be afraid of making a decisions, and don’t beat yourself up for bad decisions, says Ross. All decisions will make you feel a little uncomfortable, because with every new opportunity there is a certain level of uncertainty. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut.
  • Get to know corporate culture, says Kristine and Ross. You will spend more hours at work than hours with your family. So make sure the company you choose to work for shares similar values. Don’t be afraid to interview employees, or even ex-employees (to find out why they left).

In this episode, Young PR Pros also introduces a new segment, the Book Report. Kristine is the first to present and she chooses Larry Smith’s No Fears No Excuses.

Thanks to Sharon Cheung for giving us a shout out in this episode!

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