The happy secret to better work

My brother loves TED Talks and once and a while he will send me videos he thinks are expectationally good.

We live in a high paced world, filled with stress, deadlines, financial worry and pressure from work, family and friends.

Some companies think by putting pressure on employees will help employees be more effective and get the work done. However, as the following video demonstrates, companies should not be putting pressure on employees but making them feel valued and making them happy. When we are happy, a chemical reaction happens that increases the functionality of our senses and brain functions, making us more creative and better workers.

Now, I know, I can hear the nay-sayers already. Some employees take advantage of the “nice” boss. The hardest part of being a good boss and/or leader is finding that happy medium between making your employees happy without compromising your business. It is no easy task. But, I hope this video sheds a little bit of light on the potential we as human beings have if we are happy.

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