A few reasons why your company needs Millennials: Forbes

About a three months ago, I started a podcast called Young PR Pros, a weekly podcast for the young and young at heart PR pros looking to build and advance their careers. Among the usual resume and interview tips, Julia Kent and I have also been discussing and debating how our generation, the millennials can enhance the world of PR and communications.

Every generation gets its bad wrap where the older generation complains the younger one is too entitled, too irresponsible and simply not as good as they are. A past host of Young PR Pros, Molli Megasko even wrote an article about how she is tired of hearing negative comments about her generation. Instead of sitting back and listening to the critics, she wanted to change something.

Millennials are a unique generation, born with experiences in both a non-technological world before the internet and a highly-technogical era with everything from smartphones to constant connectivity through social media.

I could name a thousand reasons why your company should be seriously thinking of hiring millennials; and not just bringing them in to entry level positions, but putting them in managerial and senior roles. Of course, I don’t speak for my entire generation, but a lot of us can bring a new perspective on business and help your company succeed.

But don’t take my word for it, take Forbes word with this infographic:

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  1. I’ve been noticing a very interesting trend among my friends…they’re getting old. They’ve started saying things such as, “When I was in college, we… ” or “I wish we’d had that around 10 years ago.”

    The point is, every generation thinks they’re better than the one before them and the one coming next. It’s pretty incredible.

  2. Good point Gini, thanks for posting!

    I think we need to stop worrying about other generations and do what is best for our own generation.

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