Social media is great but measuring sucks [infographic]

The surprising part of this infographic from is that everyone loves using social media, sees the benefit and even increases the amount spent on doing social media.

The even more surprising part of this infographic is that 50% of them don’t know how to measure success.

It is time for us PR and communications folk to stop saying we are afraid of math. Measuring social media isn’t rocket science, but it is essential to your business. A very smart friend of mine, Gini Dietrich, wrote a post a few months ago about Five Ways to Measure Social Media Efforts. I suggest you read it.

Now on to the fun stuff… the infographic:

4 Replies to “Social media is great but measuring sucks [infographic]”

  1. This may be a silly question, please do not laugh at me, what is a KPI?

  2. Ah okay now Gini’s comment makes even more sense!! And now I can be smart in my response to Gini. So yes Gini, I think to be successful in anything you need to know what your goals and objectives are, then you need to measure the success. Without that measurement how can you improve?

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