The social Olympics is not new

I came across this infographic about how the Olympics have become social in 2012. Athletes debut a direct interaction with their fans online.

But, may I point out, that athletes have been doing this since 2008, as shown in the infographic.

What is new, is precedents are being formed as we speak on social media policies for athletes and sponsors. There are endless stories related to malpractice on social media. Stories like racist comments on Twitter, reporter’s Twitter account being suspended and crazed fans threatening the competition on Twitter.

The excitement of the Olympics this year has extended pass the Gold medals, and in to the realm of social media policies.

2 Replies to “The social Olympics is not new”

  1. It’s been a crazy Olympics! But what’s even crazier is to watch how the traditional media are reacting (and trying to control) social media. The summer Olympics in 2016 will be far different.

  2. I like how you said how the traditional media is “trying to control social media”. Makes me think… haven’t we had this discussion a thousands times. NO ONE CONTROLS social media. Alas, I digress, the 2016 games will definitely exciting and a benchmark against which we will measure social media policies in Olympic games.

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