The Problem with QR codes

As a PR and communications professional, I got very excited when QR codes came out. I thought to myself, “ooooh, another exciting tool I can use to connect with my audience” – because that is what I find exciting these days.

However, I do sympathize with Scott Stratten from UnMarketing and understand his frustration with thw way QR codes are being used today.

In short:

  • Every time you improperly use a QR code a kitten dies. So, think real hard about properly using QR codes next time!
  • The kitten will perish if your QR code doesn’t link to mobile friendly website.
  • Do not send me a QR code in am email… it is on my phone… on the opposite side of the camera used to scan in. So every time you do this, God will kill a puppy.
  • Do not put a QR code on a billboard on a highway. If it takes me 10 minutes to scan a code while sitting at my desk, how do you expect me to scan it while driving. God kills a baby deer, that’s right, Bambi! You don’t want to hurt Bambi do you?
  • The video goes on to explain many more reasons God will kill cute animals if you use QR codes improperly.

Scott is a funny guy to watch, and he always makes me laugh. Enjoy, and help save cute animals by using QR codes properly!

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