Young PR Pros: Episode #24 – behind the scenes of fashion PR

This week we were lucky to have Darcy Boucher join Kristine Simpson and Julia Kent in downtown Ottawa to record Young PR Pros. Darcy is a University of Ottawa public relations and communications student. She has always had a love for fashion and recently has decided to marry her passion for PR with her passion for fashion. (hey that rhymes!)

We ask Darcy for the key skills and tips for the world of fashion PR:

  • Get involved: currently, Darcy is a columnist for the Black Sheep Fashion, which has given her great exporuse to the fashion world.
  • Network: a core skill in PR and communications is to know your audience. What better way to know the key players, fashion designers and other influencers than through networking. But, we knew that, right, remember episode 4?
  • Blog: Darcy writes her own blog called The Eternal Optimist. Her blog has been an outlet that has allowed her to connect with other professionals and brands. On top of following her blog, Darcy suggests you checkout PR couture, which also offers internships available across the world.

On top of our regular recording this week, we decided to experiment with a video. After so many months of just listening to us, how about looking at us.

We want to hear from you. Are you in the fashion PR industry and do you have some valuable tips for young PR pros? Or do you have another idea for a future episode? Let us know by leaving a comment below or on our Facebook Page, or on our Google+ page, or in our LinkedIn group, or send us an email at, or send us a message on Twitter @youngprpros@kristinesimpson or @kentjulia.

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