Twitter: it’s like real life

a tweet about my presentation showed up on the big screen

Last week, I was very lucky to have been invited to the CPRS Ottawa-Gatineau Social Media Boot Camp to speak about Twitter for beginners.

I loved the way the event was set up because it gave us the opportunity to have discussions rather than stand in front and talk. I got to talk to three different groups of eight people. All of which were very engaged and had some excellent questions.

My presentation focused on the three steps to using Twitter, always relating back to my main message that Twitter is like real life. Imagine Twitter as your networking event online and 24/7.

  1. Follow: to have a conversation you need people. So, first step is to find people who share similar interests as you. Take it slow, you can’t be everyone’s friend right away. Take your time building relationships and then slowly add to your followers.
  2. Listen: listen to your followers, what are they talking about? Eavesdrop on other conversations. Remember, you can never interrupt on Twitter, so join the conversations you find the most interesting.
  3. Engage: If you were to walk in to a networking room and just talk about yourself and how amazing you are, you wouldn’t have any friends. Engage in conversations on Twitter, ask questions, suggest articles, you know… be human.

You can see my presentation below.



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