Young PR Pros: Episode #40 – Kristine gets a new job!

This week, Kristine Simpson and Julia Kent revisit a topic discussed a few episodes back about tips and best practices on how to properly leave a job without burning any bridges.

Kristine just started a new job as the manager of public affairs for the Canadian Automobile Association‘s national office. But, before she got to embark on her new exciting adventure, she needed to do the hardest thing she has ever had to do: quit.

Kristine shares her experience and lessons learned.

Julia then asks Kristine if she is doing anything in particular to prepare for her new job. Kristine expresses the importance of research, getting to know people in the organization and keeping an open mind.

Stay tuned next week, when Kristine and Julia will discuss the top five lessons from the podcast Kristine used to secure her current job.

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