Young PR Pros: Episode #48 – Networking tips

The snow is melting in Canada, and the smell of spring is in the air. That means two things: panic and panic for our young professionals currently in school. Panic for end-of-year exams and panic for finding a job in time for the summer.

What do hosts Kristine Simpson and Julia Kent suggest you do? NETWORK!

We catch up with Kayla Isabelle, president of the Carleton Communications Society, at the IABC Ottawa Student event After Graduation, to talk networking.

Julia reminds our listeners to move away from the formalized sense of networking and remember that teachers, friends, classmates and colleagues are all part of your network. Don’t get psyched out by the formalized word “networking”.

Kristine suggests to bring a friend if you are a little shy or introverted. And, she stresses the importance of having business cards. We mention Vistaprint as a great resource to print professional and inexpensive business cards.

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