Young PR Pros: Episode #55 – Young PR Pros to attend CPRS National Conference to ask a big question

Young PR Pros producer and host, Kristine Simpson, will be attending the CPRS National Conference this weekend as a roving reporter for the podcast. Her job while she is there is to get answers to one big question:

What can young PR professionals do to change the negative stereotype of our industry?

PR is not just PR anymore, PR is marketing, it is social media engagement, it is corporate communications, it is media relations, it is public affairs, and so much more. We are not spin doctors and we are not all like Samantha Jones from Sex in the City. We are here to build meaningful relationships between an organization and its audience.

This year’s CPRS National Conference is called “Changing the Conversation”. Kristine will talk with the top minds in our industry to find out how young professionals can change the conversation around our industry. What can we do today that will make our industry better? What can we do within our industry to change a business, a society, or even the world?

PR is so much more than what is jotted down in a dictionary. It has a potential to make real change in this world.

Will you be attending the CPRS National Conference? Young PR Pros wants to meet you. Tweet us during the conference, follow the conversation using hashtag #CPRS2013, or say hi to Kristine while she wanders the halls with her camera and recorder.

Stay tuned next week when we reveal how professionals answered our big question.

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