Young PR Pros: Episode #54 – how to determine if you are ready for a more senior role

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This week concludes our three-part series called Navigating Your Career. First we started with Getting the Job with Ken Anderson, then we explored how to Keep and Excel at Your Job with Tracey Baker.

In episode 54 we chat with Charlene Gaudet, a director of communications in the Government of Canada. Charlene shares with us how to determine if/when a young professional is ready for a more experienced/senior role.

Julia Kent shares her story of moving up in her own company, while Kristine Simpson talks about the importance of making a business case when asking for a more senior position.

Young PR Pros sat down with Charlene to ask a few question at the CPRS Navigating Your Career event last month. Here is the full interview:

You can also listen to her entire talk, including a more detailed review of the Accredited Public Relations designation, and more: Click here.

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