Young PR Pros: Episode #88 – Self-Promotion, Teamwork and Feedback: Perfect mix for a prosperous career

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When was the last time you reminded your boss about a good project you ran? When was the last time you asked for constructive criticism on your writing? How often do you talk up your teammates and colleagues?

This week, Kristine D’Arbelles and Julia Kent discuss mistakes young professionals might be making that are holding back their careers.

Our inspiration this week comes from Fast Company’s You’re probably making these five mistakes at work. This is not to make you paranoid, in fact, you might not be doing anything wrong, but for peace of mind it is still important to periodically look back at our job and see what we are doing – or not doing – to improve our careers.

Kristine and Julia discuss everything from handling upsets poorly, to the importance of asking questions, to walking the line between self-promotion and team work. Our hosts share their experiences and reveal what mistakes they were making at the beginning of their careers.

We want to hear from you. Will you admit to making any of these mistakes?

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