Young PR Pros: Episode 105 – Communications Moments and Trends in the Federal Election


This episode was recorded a week before federal election day in Canada. In this episode we talk about PR moments that caught our attention during the longest campaign period in Canadian history.

Here is a recap of a few trends and moments we found note worthy:

  • Sticking to a message: or not saying anything about at all. We discuss how Stephen Harper sticks to his messaging and refuses to let his opponents push him off message.
  • The online campaign: this federal election has two campaigns running in parallel with each other – one in the media and one online. We discuss the grass-root content being generated by the average Canadian and how that us effecting the campaign. We also talk about selfie votes, and how Justin Trudeau is winning.
  • Voter apathy: We end with a discussion around voter apathy and how that has affected the campaign.

So did we get it right? I guess Justin Trudeau won in selfie votes after all.

Do you have a communications moment or trend to share with us?

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