Young PR Pros: Episode #104 – Networking tips for the young professional

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In this episode, hosts Kristine D’Arbelles, Julia Kent and Ross Simmonds talk about tips and advice for networking. Our hosts answer common questions like how do you approach a group of people you don’t know? Are business cards really necessary? And other great tips you can take with you to your next networking event.

A few things to remember when networking:

  • Always bring business cards. Kristine encourages young professionals to use a business card as a way to showcase creativity. If you are a good designer, show off what you can do with your business card. Make it stand out among the pile.
  • Follow-up is key. Julia suggests to add people to LinkedIn after a networking event. Reference the conversation you had at the event and then set a call to action.
  • Never be afraid to say you are looking for a job. Ross loves to see young professionals offer value to potential employers. Research the employer and find out what you can do to make their life easier, then approach them at the event and offer your services. This can lead to a job opportunity.

What other tricks to you use at a networking event?

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This is a recurring topic that our listeners keep asking for. If you haven’t heard enough tips after this episode, check out some of our other episodes on networking, such as episode 48 and 29.

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