Episode #111: The Definition of PR

Who can relate: you introduce yourself to an acquaintance at a friend’s party. They ask you what you do for a living. You say you work in PR. You get a blank stare and most people respond with: oh so Continue reading Episode #111: The Definition of PR

Episode #110: Women in PR

There are more female PR professionals than female nurses. That is a pretty staggering number, especially when only 20 percent of upper management PR roles are held by women. Young PR Pros hosts Kristine, Ross and producer Clare welcome Talia Continue reading Episode #110: Women in PR

Episode #109: Lessons for entrepreneurs

It is just Kristine D’Arbelles and Clare Bonnyman this month. Clare is finished her internship in Thunder Bay and is back in Toronto. Anyone hiring? Clare is pretty awesome. Taking a little break this month, we look back on some Continue reading Episode #109: Lessons for entrepreneurs

Episode #108: Our First Jobs, and a New Member of the Family

The Young PR Pros family is expanding. We welcome Clare Bonnyman as our new assistant producer. Clare has extensive background in radio editing. We hope her skills will make the show sound even better in your ear buds on your Continue reading Episode #108: Our First Jobs, and a New Member of the Family