Episode 118: What is work-life balance?

A common issue our generation is trying to cope with is work-life balance. For our parents’ generation, most people could survive on one income. At the same time, unions were born, giving way to the 9-5 work day. That reality Continue reading Episode 118: What is work-life balance?

Episode 117: The Future of PR

In this episode, our hosts discuss the future of PR. Our industry is always changing, as professionals it is important to always be on top of what is new ? not to change our strategy every five minutes, but rather Continue reading Episode 117: The Future of PR

Episode #116: Concrete Steps to Help Learn from your Mistakes

Kristine shares a story about getting caught with an unlicensed image on her blog. She was sent a letter from a lawyer and had to pay a fee. The image was from a post published in 2011, she had just Continue reading Episode #116: Concrete Steps to Help Learn from your Mistakes

Episode #115: The 12 PR Days of Christmas

In honour of the traditional 1900s English Christmas carol, or for those born in the 80s – the Bob and Doug Christmas classic, we thought we would do our own 12 Days of Christmas. Listen to the full episode to Continue reading Episode #115: The 12 PR Days of Christmas

Episode #114: How to be Creative

One of the benefits of working in the industry of public relations, communications and marketing is the ability to be creative. We work in a unique world where our job is to find creative ways to tell a story. In Continue reading Episode #114: How to be Creative

Episode #113: Making career choices

The average person will make a career change approximately five to seven times during their working life. With an ever increasing number of different career choices, about 1/3 of the total workforce will now change jobs every 12 months. By Continue reading Episode #113: Making career choices

Episode #112: The Entrepreneur’s Show

Once upon a time, there lived this driven young man who dreamed about becoming an entrepreneur. One day, he used all his allowance to purchase different coloured do-rags and sell them out of his locker at school, turning his allowance Continue reading Episode #112: The Entrepreneur’s Show

Episode #111: The Definition of PR

Who can relate: you introduce yourself to an acquaintance at a friend’s party. They ask you what you do for a living. You say you work in PR. You get a blank stare and most people respond with: oh so Continue reading Episode #111: The Definition of PR

Episode #110: Women in PR

There are more female PR professionals than female nurses. That is a pretty staggering number, especially when only 20 percent of upper management PR roles are held by women. Young PR Pros hosts Kristine, Ross and producer Clare welcome Talia Continue reading Episode #110: Women in PR

Episode #109: Lessons for entrepreneurs

It is just Kristine D’Arbelles and Clare Bonnyman this month. Clare is finished her internship in Thunder Bay and is back in Toronto. Anyone hiring? Clare is pretty awesome. Taking a little break this month, we look back on some Continue reading Episode #109: Lessons for entrepreneurs